The Montana Automobile Dealers Association is made up of 107 franchised new car and truck dealers in Montana. The association and its members strive to uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity and continuously work together to improve the car buying experience for Montana consumers.


Upcoming Events

2012 Fall Board Mtgs - Sept 19 -20 Billings
2012 MTADA Convention - Sept 20-22 - Billings
           Billings Hotel & Convention Center
2013 MTADA Convention July 7-10
           Lodge at Whitefish Lake, Whitefish


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Montana Automobile Dealers Association was organized in 1939 to promote a high plane of business ethics for those engaged in the retail motor vehicle business; to encourage and promote a spirit of cooperation among motor vehicle dealers and their affiliation and support of local associations and the National Automobile Dealers Association so that the interests of all motor vehicle dealers and the general public, in relation thereto, may be best served; to encourage and assist in the information of local associations and seek to merit co-operation and approval; to endeavor to raise to the highest degree of standards, ethics, and practices of motor vehicle merchandising to the end that the trade, through efficient management, may enjoy the opportunity of profitable operation and the building up of financial security; to seek through cooperative efforts the correction of any unfair or unbusinesslike practices; to conduct such investigations, studies, and researches as may be necessary and advisable to compile factual data and gather information, the knowledge of which will be useful and valuable to the trade toward improving efficiency of its operations; to issue such trade publications as the Board of Directors may authorize; to promote drivers, street, highway, and traffic safety.


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